Viber iPad

Viber ipad

"Viber iPad: the app more complete messaging in your iPad. Viber iPad installs in a few seconds. Know the best features of this application."


Viber is available for most popular operating systems for Smartphone. Viber has been downloaded by millions of users around the world. Its installation is very simple. You can download the version of Viber for IOS from the Apple Store and Viber for Android from the download web apps of the known internet search engine.

Viber iPad uses the IOS version of this fun app. The increase of devices of the mark on the block, has increased the download requests for this version.

know Viber iPad

We are going to see what we can do with Viber iPad. If we dump the app in our tablet and we have Wi Fi , 3G or 4G, we will be able to make voice calls over IP. The well-known VoIP calls. Send text messages. Send videos and photos instantly. Keep group conversations. Share our location. And perform some tasks more than then we cite.

Installation Guide Viber iPad

To install Viber iPad we are going to need two things:

  • An iPad

  • And connection to the internet from our device

The installation is made easy. We went to the app store for IOS. We can enter from this link or from the official website of Viber. Immediately after the download is complete, we will request Viber activate the alerts. Then for its activation Viber we request our mobile number. Viber through SMS we will get the activation code. Once you have received the code, it is only missing into our iPad. With these simple steps we can take advantage of "Viber iPad".

Viber for ipad

Viber iPad is already available to make calls, send text messages or videos. Viber automatically detects the contacts of our agenda with the application.

Viber to install in our iPhone or other devices we need another mobile number.

But you can download Viber Viber for PC or Mac and synchronize your conversations with your Smartphone.


Advantages of install Viber iPad

Viber for iPad is an application with multiple functions. One of the advantages of having of Viber in our iPad is the big screen on this device. The screen of retina of the new iPad we allows you to display pictures with exceptional quality. Our discussions will be more fun. With the keyboard of large dimensions will be able to maintain talks comfortably. We will be able to appreciate until the very last detail of our videos and screenshots. The reading of the talks is much more pleasant.

These are some of the advantages of installing Viber in our iPad. Don't expect more to test the app on your tablet. And share unforgettable moments of your life instantly with all your friends.


The best features of Viber

Know the main functions of this application. Don't expect more to test all the functions available in Viber from your iPad.

features Viber iPad

  • Sending text messages for free over the app

  • Sending images and free videos through the app

  • Send emoticons and stickers. Converts in funny conversations your messages with the dispatch of stickers or emoticons.

  • Makes calls with high-quality sound through Viber

  • So forget about the spam and advertising